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Shewchuck Custom F Style Mandolin

We’re very pleased to introduce you to this new custom F-style mandolin! This Cool Kid is a one-of-a-kind mandolin from a fine local luthier, Joel Shewchuck, who’s quality instruments are often difficult to come by. Known and revered in the concert violin world, his pieces are lovingly crafted with only the finest materials. He crafted this very special mandolin exclusively for Acoustic Vibes, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to share it with all of you!

“The thought process in the design was to have a mandolin that could cross into different styles with a balance between punch and resonance, with a historical instrument look. The soundhole design allowed the use of an X-brace, a major component of the design.” — Joel Shewchuck, Luthier


Shewchuck (13 of 20)

Shewchuck (4 of 20)


-Adirondack spruce top and braces
-Historical early instrument style soundhole
-X-bracing top & back
-Quilted Big-Leaf maple back and sides
-Brazilian rosewood headplate and binding
-13.85″ scale

See the listing for this gorgeous mandolin on our website by clicking here!