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Romero Creations Instruments now at Acoustic Vibes Music!

Romero Creations was founded by Luthier Pepe Romero to provide unique instruments of the highest quality, at an affordable price.

We aim to offer incredible sounding, playing, looking instruments that people will treasure for a lifetime.

The first Romero Creations instrument was the Tiny Tenor, a unique tenor ‘ukulele.

Pepe Romero Jr.jpg

Pepe Romero Jr. was born into a family established in the tradition of the Spanish guitar.  Regarded as royalty in the classical guitar world, Pepe’s grandfather, father and uncles have been knighted by the king of Spain for their achievements and excellence in guitar playing.

Pepe’s guitars are in great demand by concert guitarists and collectors worldwide.  Some fans of his instruments are Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Daniel Ho, Mike Love, and every concertizing member of his family.

In recent years, Pepe has applied his expertise and knowledge of the classical guitar to his ‘ukuleles.  Each is hand crafted in the traditional Spanish method.  He approaches them like small classical guitars and builds them to be light and powerful with a full warm tone that can fill a concert hall while played un-amplified.

We have a great selection of Ukes and Classical guitars from Pepe in stock- Come find out what everyone is talking about!