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Featured Guitar: Bourgeois Fully Torrefied Aged Tone™ D

Bourgeois Fully Torrefied Aged Tone™ DIn our always growing stock of acoustic guitars, Acoustic Vibes Music carries a great selection of Bourgeois guitars newest and best models to date. One in particular, the Bourgeois Fully Torrefied Aged Tone™ D comes from Bourgeois guitars’ line of Aged Tone™ series guitars that have quickly become a favorite amongst acoustic guitar players.

Bourgeois Fully Torrefied Aged Tone™ D
For those unfamiliar with torrefied wood, it is a process used to make new wood act and sound like old wood. This is great for obtaining vintage guitar tones within new guitars. The vintage appearance and sound that is achieved with the torrefaction process, along with hide glue construction, and Bourgeois’ Aged Tone™ finish was not previously done before in the industry. With this fully torrefied model, Bourgeois has taken the torrefaction process further including all wood on the guitar and not just the top wood. After all, it is the full construction of the guitar that gives it its sound. The result of Bourgeois’ hard work is a guitar that is as close as you can get to vintage sound and appearance without actually being a vintage guitar. The increased sustain and responsiveness in this Dreadnought guitar will have acoustic guitar players worldwide falling in love with the Bourgeois Fully Torrefied Aged Tone™ D.

Available now from Acoustic Vibes Music, the Bourgeois Fully Torrefied Aged Tone™ D costs just $6,745.00 which is a bargain for the high-quality craftsmanship put into this guitar. We only have one of these beauties available, so place an order today.